Psychology: Understanding your Emotions and Improving your Social Skills

Understand your emotions and improve your social skills and earn a Certificate from University of California Riverside

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Psychology: Understanding your Emotions and Improving your Social Skills

This course explains how individuals can understand their emotions and improve their social skills. The main objective is to learn how to communicate effectively in order to deescalate conflict situations, seek to understand others and express ones needs. Participants will learn to identify emotions and map these emotions to needs. Finally, this class will lead participants in a journey to understanding the hurts, fears and desires that contribute to their self-perspective and will help them overcome self defeating thoughts and behaviors.

The course is divided into four weekly modules. There are three multiple choice quizzes in this course each carrying an equal weight towards the final course grade. 

What will I learn:

During this course you will understand the power of proper communication and how building relationships helps you grow. Communication, trust, emotional intelligence are some of the topics that will be coverd in this 4 weeks course.


WEEK 1: Communication

  • Seeking to understand
  • Suspision Vs. Curiosity 
  • Verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Communication climates

WEEK 2: Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotions and Needs
  • Gratitude
  • Managing Emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • Natural Reactions to Emotions

WEEK 3: Trust

  • What is Trust
  • Establishing Trust
  • Facts about Trust
  • Repairing Trust
  • Forgiveness

WEEK 4: Self-Perspective

  • Our sense of value
  • Identifying shame
  • Overcoming shame
  • Embracing Events - Vulnerability
  • Shyness
  • Positive Thinking

What’s include in the price pack?

  • Notes to study
  • Videos
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate from University of California Riverside
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Duration: 6 Hours
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